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Honda-Civic-Wagon-8[2]You see the word concept tagging along the name of the new Honda Civic Wagon but in fact, the vehicle that was unveiled during the recent Geneva Motor Show is a pre-production version of the vehicle. So, most likely we will be seeing these shape and panels when the actual production version is rolled out.

According to experts, the Japanese car manufacturer has really to make the Civic Wagon work for the brand as the sales of the Civic hatchback built in the United Kingdom is underwhelming.

Going back to our earlier point of discussion, it can be considered a good news that most of the design elements of the concept will be carried over to the production version since the low sales numbers of the current model is attributed to its awkward design. Looking at the pre-production Civic wagon, we can say that these issues have been resolved by the carmaker.

The new creation of Honda will also come equipped with a new diesel engine that has a 1.6-liter displacement. This powerplant is capable of cranking out 118 horses and a torque of 221 lb-ft. The older version of the vehicle actually has a more potent 2.2-liter diesel engine but most buyers do not opt for these units. The smaller engine is expected to attract more customers when it hits showrooms.

The older Civic hatch has also been criticized for its boring driving dynamics when compared to the likes of the Golf Variant of Volkswagen or the wagon version of the Ford Focus. Another competitoin to worry about is the Toyota Auris.

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978-408-3260Back in January 2003, the first deliveries of the latest-generation Rolls-Royce Phantom were made. Back then, the production of the Phantom was just one unit a day. About a decade after, the British luxury car manufacturer is a lot busier.

While the brand traces its original roots to the early 1900s, the current company started operating under the umbrella of BMW since 1999. The German carmaker purchased the rights to the brand and the company’s logo from Vickers, its former owner.

BMW only started with 400 workers and producing only one model, the Rolls-Royce Phantom but now, the carmaker has 1,400 employees and produce six models under two product lines, the Ghost and the Phantom.

Production of Rolls-Royce are now at a rate of 20 units a day.

With the Rolls-Royce Phantom entering its 11th year, the car now has the Series II upgrade that was officially rolled out in Geneva last year.

The whole range of the Phantom got modifications to its drivetrains, styling, technology features, and other luxury components to keep them fresh until its successor gets the go signal for production. The successor to the Phantom is set to come by 2016.

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Giulia GT50 Concept of Alfa Romeo, a modern take of Bertone’s Sprint GT

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8475695733Alfa Romeo is a brand that may still be looking for a direction to take as the Fiat-Chrysler Group figures out the direction for its range of vehicles. There is something to the brand though that fires up inspiration in automotive stylists.

The guys from GetShaped Studio, namely Claudio Piccioli and Michele Di Mauro, recently came up with a design for an Alfa Romeo Giulia 50 GT. It is a concept vehicle for the brand that looks like a modern version of the classic Bertone-designed Giulia Sprint GT.

Aside from resurrecting the Alfa coupe, the designers also want to celebrate and honor the design house that is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, which may well explain the number on the name of the concept vehicle

The design team made two studies of the Giulia GT. There is the GT-oriented ride and a more potent version. The new looks of the vehicle takes cue from the old sibling from which they are derived. The new design retains the big circular headlights and the oversized shield in front, plus the air vent on its hood.

On the flipside, the car also called for necessary changes after about a half century since its predecessor. The shape of the car features sharp edges in front and at the rear while its profile follows a clean line except for the air outlet found near the front wheels.

The dimensions remain to be very compact. The new concept ride is just 4.05 in length, 1.88m in width, and just 1.19m in height. It has a wheelbase of 2.42m.

If ever the cars will be built, these Alfa Romeos can be powered by the 1750 Tbi 4-cylinder turbocharged powerplant that can give out 235 horses. If this engine is used, the car can easily achieve a top speed of 250 km/h.

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Spotted: Compact SUV Porsche Macan

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A disguised Porsche Macan prototype has hit the interweb scenes again with new images and revealing its interior for the first time.

porsche-macanBased on the spy shots the Porsche Macan will sport a similar dashboard that can be compared to the second generation of the Cayenne. It has a big touch screen on its center console hugged by the vertical vents of the air-conditioning on its sides.

This spotted test vehicle features bigger rims and tires, has an aluminum roof rail, and four pipes that may somehow hint a very potent engine under its hood.

The Macan, about the same size as the Audi Q5, will be the first from the Porsche garage to have a four-cylinder engine since other series models like the 968, 944, and the 924. It will depend on a 2.0L turbocharged powerplant that can give out 240 horses for the gasoline variant and 200 hp for the diesel-running unit.

On the higher end of the lineup will be V6 engines that might include a supercharged powerplant capable of cranking out 300 hp and a turbo diesel unit that can give out 250hp or more than 300 hp.

You will see reports all over the net comparing the Porsche Macan to the Audi Q5. It is but normal sine the two vehicles will be sharing its platform with this Audi vehicle. The two rides will share several components like the axles, steering system, all-wheel drive setup, and transmission.

The chassis of the new Macan will be calibrated by the Porsche engineers to address any worries about its dynamics and handling.

Porsche also hinted that the compact sport utility vehicle might hit the production line as early as next year.

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Honda-Concept-C-1During the Auto China show in 2012, the star of the Honda booth is the Concept C which is a design study that gives consumers a glimpse of what is to come for the Chinese market.

The “C” in the car have intrigued the fans and the Japanese car manufacturer have come up with meanings like China, Challenge, or Cool. The production version of the mid-size vehicle will be exclusive to the auto lovers in China. The car will be built thru a collaboration of Honda with the Guangqi Honda Automobile. It is expected to go on sale by 2013.

According to insiders, the conceptualization for the family car was initiated by the Chinese associates of Honda while the development of the idea, design, and other details were done thru cooperation between their teams in Japan and China.

Aside from unwrapping the Honda Concept C, the joint venture of the firm called Guangqi Honda Automobile revealed plans of having a third assembly line to be built on their ZengCheng factory.

The works on the additional production line will start before the end of this year and will be fully operation by 2014. Honda plans to have an initial production of about 120,000 vehicles. The Japanese car manufacturer plans to up the ante to about 240,000 units once things are going smoothly during production.

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First Details: Nissan 370Z gets a facelift

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405-797-0514The Nissan 370Z has been facelifted and was recently displayed at the Chicago motor show earlier this month.

The new Zed car is the 2013 MY for the 370Z. The biggest changes include the softer lines of the snout which now features a daytime running lamp made of LEDs near the outer portion of the bumper which gives it a more masculine appearance. The boomerang headlights are still there and the character lines on the hood.

From the side, the new Nissan 370Z you will not miss the red brake calipers and the 19 inch rims if you opt for the Sport Package version. The stock rims for the 2013 Nissan 370Z are a bit smaller at 18 inches. Other features on the back are the red reflector on the bumper and the dark trim for the fuel gauge.

In terms of performance, the work has been minor too. The Sport Package 370Z has an upgraded shock absorbers while the Nismo borrows the GT-R’s higher quality brake fluid and hoses. Before it took a 2009 370Z about 111 feet before it screeched to 0 from 60 miles per hour. It will be nice to know how the new set up improved the stopping ability of this ride.

The facelift did not touch what is inside the engine bay so the 3.7L V6 still outputs 332 horsepower with a torque of 270 lb-ft and abut 350HP and torque of 270 lb-ft for the Nismo. The engine is still linked to a 6-speed manual transmission while there is an option for a 7-speed automatic gearbox except for the 370Z Nismo.

We expect the official announcement of the sticker price before June this year when it is schedule to hit the showrooms.

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The Porsche Carrera GT: A Shrine

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Originally a concept vehicle when unveiled at the 2000 Paris Auto Show, the Porsche Carrera GT actually went on to become a production supercar debuting at the 2003 Geneva International Motor Show. Its estimated price tag of US$350,000 put the super-fast car in the league of exotic vehicles. Composed of carbon-fiber monocoque chassis running on light magnesium wheels, the V-10 engine hit speeds of 205 mph and could accelerate from 0 to 62 in 3.9 seconds and incredibly from 0 to 124 mph in a mere 9.9 seconds.

Porsche Carrera GT FrontEvidently, the concept for the Porsche Carrera GT was conceived at Le Mans, the 24-hour race. With sixteen victories behind them, Porsche engineers wanted to create a race car that could handle high speeds while being extremely lightweight. The result was supposed to be a prototype proving that technologically, the feat was indeed possible and doable. But once the public saw the car, it was overwhelmingly received, and development began on a street-legal model. By the time it went to market, the MSRP was US$440,000.

What made the car so exceptional was that it was conceptualized and built upon Porsche’s strength in racing. It was also a car of its own, not a newer version of something else. Using leading edge engineering and technology, the Carrera GT advanced from the original 5.5 liter rated at 558 hp to the 5.7 liter 612hp engine. Most intriguing about the design was the block which was actually a component of the car’s structure. Two seater, six speed manual transmission, ceramic clutch, stainless steel exhaust, and titanium connecting rods all contributed to the allure of this luxury sportscar.

Porsche Carrera GT BackCosmetically, the Carrera GT was smart-looking and sleek. It was offered in standard colors Guards Red, Fayence Yellow, Basalt Black, GT Silver and Seal Grey, as well as custom hues if requested. Soft leather adorned the interior, multi-functional liquid-crystal instrument display perfected navigation, and all models sported the iconic left hand ignition. In earlier days, the ignition was placed to the left of the steering wheel so that racers could jump into their cars, starting the car with their left hands and using their right hands to shift gears.

The removable roof came in two pieces weighing only about five pounds each. The Carrera was equipped with custom-fitted five-piece luggage set, a sound system, front and side airbags and optional air conditioning. The 2005 model was upgraded slightly to include a glass wind-blocker screen, the ability to adjust the seat height, and the chassis number was placed on a magnesium cover on the center console.

work horse

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Ferrari 458 Italia. I’m having a crisis…

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Jeremy Clarkson would call what I’m having right now a crisis… My goodness it’s gorgeous! 9000 RPM sounds great, the transmission is apparently one of the best double clutch gearboxes ever developed…

And it sounds good too. :p

YouTube Preview Image

I’ll take one! :)

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NYPD Goes Green: Ford to Provide Them with Escape/Fusion Hybrids

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Not willing to be the only ones uninvolved in the world’s greatest clean up, the New York Police Department told the Press that it will also be going green by introducing 200 hybrid cars to its fleet. Around the same time last year, NYPD officers began testing police-issue Nissan Altima hybrids.

NYPD Hybrid FordsAccording to the police forces’ spokesperson John McCarthy, the Altimas they testes were the very first hybrids fitted with an exclusive police package for patrol. NYPD wanted to test the performance of the vehicles in the field, first, before they agreed to sign up. Based on the recent announcement, it’s safe to say that the cops were pretty happy with the idea of having hybrids in their fleet.

With NYPD’s 200 hybrids, the Big Apple’s green car count will be raised to four hundred. What made NYPD sign up for the cause? Reviewers think that aside from cleaning up the planet, it’s because they’ll be making a lot of savings with the hybrids.

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Carbon fiber crazy: Vörsteiner releases kit for M3 E92 from BMW

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508-802-7670The Vorsteiner GTRS3 is what you get when you throw in a lot of carbon fiber into the mix of the BMW M3 E92. You will be able to blend some excellent aerodynamic elements and some cool body modifications. The finish product will be the stealthy GTRS3 M3.

Check out our picture (but more so, check out the amazing video that highlights the whole car!) and note that the bumper in front was replaced by a carbon fiber assembly with a modular splitter. Notice the wider arch of the fenders and the side skirt works. The Vorsteiner body kit can also give you a race bonnet made of carbon fiber.

YouTube Preview Image

The rear portion makes use of arch extensions for the fender, a chrome emblem of Vorsteiner, carbon diffuser, and a wider arch rear bumper. There is also an option for a quad stainless steel exhaust setup.

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